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Back to the company where I really started my career. More or less, because the place and team had changed. During a 3 months consultancy mission, I've been working on Deezer integration (releases and playlists), on the internal contest engine (+ documenting the tool) and most notably I've contributed to the Festivals website for the Music channel. Technically this was great for me as I learned SASS and Compass, as well as using more relative units to deliver highly maintainable code.
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RMB is an advertising company founded by RTBF and the Belgian Advertising Cinema. It's monetizing advertising space on TV, Radio and Interactive medias. I integrated around 75% of their website. Besides the integration of the clean design, here are some points of interest handled with Javascript: main menu acting as a sliding panel; some carousels on the homepage; Focus block fixed when the page is scrolled further down in order to always keep it visible; sliding panels to present various offers and promotions; custom form component in the Events section.
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I've been working 3 years long in RTBF via DS Improve (1 year) and Dreamwall (2 years). When I got there, only Classic21 and PureFM got their renewed websites. The goal being to update all radio and tv channels, we decided to set up a common structure to enforce code reuse. I've been responsible for creating and maintaining common integration components of the in-house PHP framework. Eventually it was about 20 websites, among them: Info, Sport, TV, La Une, La Deux, La Trois, Ouftivi, Radio, Classic21, PureFM, La Premiere, Musiq3, Vivacité. The most important ones I had to handle were the TV and Info (the most visited one) projects. Beside this, I've been working several times with Wordpress, mainly for TV shows (D6bels, Ma Terre, Genies en Web) but also Culture and Cap48 websites. I was the single point of contact regarding WP outsourcing.
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Who I am

Coming from an application & game development background (Lingo (Director) and Actionscript (Flash)), I quickly moved to web integration. Based in Brussels, it's now something I do on a daily basis since 7 years.

What I do

I make magic. Well, kind of. I convert designs into beautiful web pages(HTML, CSS, JS). I do it precisely and properly so that it can be accessed by everybody, whatever platform one's using. I make a strong point on delivering optimized code that will benefit the next update and, in the end, my client.

Oh, and if needed, I also provide customized tools based on Drupal & Wordpress CMS for updating websites with ease.

Now, who are you?

Are you an IT company or maybe a web agency? Then it's time for us to meet! I prefer working with IT professionals as it proved me many times that things can go really smooth that way. So if you have some work to subcontract I'm definitely the one you're looking for.

But maybe you are a company having a message to deliver to your audience and you don't know how to reach it. I do provide special care to help you structuring your content, putting highlights where it could be valuable and finally assisting you with the website updates you will bring on your own.


Teodora Costin, Belgacom

Cedric is a talented front-end integrator, fast learning, proactive and with a strong knowledge of the latest web technologies, such as Compass, Sass, css3 and html5. He is a very nice colleague that I would certainly love to work again in the future.

Sarah Kamer, Eurocockpit Association

Cédric has been working for the European Cockpit Association ( on several projects as a web developer consultant since early 2011. Cédric is dedicated and focused on the task and result, pragmatic, well-organised, and both able to work independently and as (external) member of the ECA team and in close cooperation with our external consultants in graphic web design. His last major project for ECA was the programming of our campaign website A pleasure to work with him!

Manuel Noirfalise, Volt

Cédric worked for more than a year at a client of mine delivering high quality work together with a great teamspirit. Client and past references are very positive about Cédric, as I am and recommend him highly.

Aki Kärkkäinen, Belgacom Skynet

Cédric is one of those persons to whom work is not "just work". To him, on the web there's always something to improve (time permitting of course!). Semantic markup, optimization, accessibility, graceful degradation, progressive enhancement are all just some examples of the concepts that Cédric uses in his work. He follows latest developments in the web industry on a daily basis, and shares that knowledge (including his extensive understanding of cross-browser issues) with his colleagues. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Nick Belhomme, Belgacom Skynet

I have worked with Cédric as he was responsible for integrating, xhtml, css and js into the code I developed. He truly is a professional as he really knows every w3c specification for css1, css2 and even the upcoming ccs3. His expertise made it possible for him to deliver high quality products in a very short notice. It was a pleasure to work with him as he is very competent and has a pleasing character.

Anne Leroux, Belgacom Skynet

Cédric is a trustworthy developer.He has demonstrated a lot of flexibility when taking over ongoing development for the website. He completed his assigned tasks with motivation and in time. Besides his expertise in multimedia applications development, he is a team player with very good communication skills.

Olivier Belery, Belgacom Skynet

Cédric is a highly motivated and reliable webmaster. CSS and XHTML guru, he is always happy to share his knowledge and passion. He also has great abilities in Actionscript(Flex/Flash) and Lingo (Director) developpement. Socially, Cédric is open minded, trustworthy and very friendly. Definitely a person you can rely upon.

François Massart, Belgacom Skynet

Cédric is a real workaholic, passionate, perfectionist and fully up to date with the new technologies. I've been and I'm still working with him on several projects and he proved his great knowledge in HTML, CSS, W3C Standards as well as other great aspects such as SEO and accessibility. He's always available when I have a question and he also works great with Design Patterns, ActionScript and Lingo (Director). I truly recommend him as he is one of our greatest elements in our team.